How it Works

 Trying to find the best fundraiser that fits your needs? Let us help! We offer products that are perfect for any group or team. All pricing below is calculated excluding shipping costs**

60% Profit

1 oz. Meat Sticks

Our most popular fundraiser! Each case is packaged in 12 (24 ct) bags (288 sticks total). Each seller can easily sell 2-4 bags, if you sell these at $1.50 per stick (2 for $3), you will make a profit of approximately $260 per case ($21 per bag). Selling these for $2 per stick, will generate a profit of approximately $400 per case ($34 per bag).

Large Meat Sticks 

These cases include 8 (24 ct) caddies (192 sticks in total). We recommend that you sell each stick at $2, you could make a profit of around $190 per case ($24 per caddy). 

Beef Jerky

These cases contain 12 (2.2 - 2.5 oz) bags of beef jerky. You can easily sell each bag at $8 - $10, you can make a profit of approximately $44-68 per case. 


It saves money to ship to a business rather than a residential address. Shipping and fulfillment times will vary. If you have any questions regarding shipping, please reach out!

How to get a multi-case discount on your entire order!

To get the multi-case discount for orders with multiple different types/flavors of meat sticks, the order should be placed under item #113 Miscellaneous Meat Sticks. You can use the note section at checkout to detail the quantity and flavor you would like to order.